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After plastic surgery, it's important to allow your body to catch up with all the changes we have made. Surgery is an ambitious process, and it takes weeks to months for your body to knit itself back together in your new shape. On top of that, healing well in the first place is faster than resuming activity too quickly, having a setback, and then having to slow way down to catch-up again. Let the paint dry — don't mess it up before it's dry and have to repaint another coat if you can avoid it. Also, many activities are not inherently dangerous, but the risks of an accident could require a corrective surgery. For example, a horseback-riding accident, bicycle crash or falling while skiing could displace breast implants early on during your recovery period, which would require re-operation to fix. I recommend:

  • Avoid any strenuous activity (walking is fine and good for you)— 2 weeks
  • Begin increasing activity, low impact gentle exercise with low risk of injury. (treadmill or excise bicycle) — 2-6 weeks
  • Begin gradually adding strenuous activity, high-impact, or with increased chance of accident (road cycling, skiing, horseback-riding) — 6 weeks


Besides all this, your activity will impact your fluid production, and this in turn can impact your drains. One rapid or high-impact maneuver (for example one jumping jack) can tear your healing tissues apart, which will increase your fluid production and keep your drains from being ready for removal. So, being too active can actually make your recovery longer. Be smart, and allow your body to heal.

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